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− SmartLabs Client Application Framework

Software Platform for Deployment of Attractive Interactive TV Services

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SmartLabs Client Application Framework (CAF)

SmartLabs develops a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions for IPTV, satellite, terrestrial, and hybrid STBs. With SmartLabs Client Application Framework, STB vendors and service providers might benefit from fast and easily customizable user interface (UI) applications which turn any STBs into powerful graphical media console. The framework works over all existing popular STB platforms, and it might be easily integrated into new ones. CAF overview (PDF, 84Kb)

SmartLabs Client Application Framework (CAF) is a compact software platform that can be bundled with a growing number of modules for deployment of attractive interactive TV services. As many network operators deploy on more than one STB model (often from more than one vendor), SmartLabs Client Application Framework provides the essential common denominator which is required to deploy services to every subscriber the way that minimizes cost of development and speeds time-to-market. SmartLabs Client Application Framework enables services to run on multiple generations of STBs from many vendors by protecting services from the different STB hardware configurations.

Client Application Framework Advantages

  • Compact and Light: Optimized application design provides best performance on both low-end and high-end STBs.
  • Native UI navigation experience: UI applications work very fast in terms of navigating or browsing lists, changing forms and screens, redrawing interface elements. It allows users to navigate through client application assuming 100% native and expected response from the UI.
  • Extended Presentation Capabilities: animation, 2D, 3D, scrolling lines, flying objects, others – are 1. Possible, 2. Easy to add, 3. Works fast. It allows even slow box looks like modern game consoles.
  • Application Builder Framework: documented, standard-based APIs to build custom UI applications and to integrate UI applications with any server-side SDP or middleware.


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