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Dobrin Trifonov

Sales Director


Gary Hamer

SVP Sales and Business Development


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SmartLabs is 10 years old

Ten years of projects, ideas and meaningful work.

Not everything worked perfectly the first time, but today we are really happy with the results. And there are still so many amazing things to do! ;-)

It all began with a little Moscow office and a small team of enthusiasts. We realized that the competition in the international market was strong but we wanted to perform on the global stage, so we decided not to copy our competitors but to embark on a journey with our own “smart” developments.
Some engineering ingenuity, meticulous practical implementation of groundbreaking ideas, thousands of man-hours to fine-tune every product, active and demanding customers – and our goals became a reality, even the most ambitious ones!
Today we are proud to say that:

6,500,000 subscribers are enjoying the most up to date TV services delivered using our solutions.


That is the combined population of Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris!

5,000,000 Set-Top Boxes Operators and service providers in many different countries are happy to use more than 5,000,000 Set-Top Boxes which has been developed by Smartlabs.


If we piled all of them on top of each other the pile would be a tall as 200 Burj Khalifa or 300 Leaning Towers of Pisa.

Ten years spent creating “smart” solutions went by pretty fast. And this is how it happened:

The beginning.

Opened our first office in Moscow

Released SmartTUBE platform for interactive TV services

First large-scale implementation:

COMSTAR and Dalsvyaz (Russia)

Releasing SmartMEDIA platform for content distribution


Developed our first SmartLabs IPTV Set-Top Box


Large-scale implementation: MTS (Russia)

Opening a second Russian development center in St. Petersburg
Implemented Interactive TV‑service at Rostelecom OJSC

Developed our own Hybrid set top box

Achieved 1,000,000 subscribers

First foreign customer – PrimeTel (Cyprus)


Achieved 1,000,000 delivered Set‑Top Boxes


Achieved 2,500,000 subscribers

Developed our Stick, 4K UHD and Android Set-Top Box

Opened offices in the UK and Germany

Launched multi-screen at Rostelecom

Launched an OTT platform for MOYO.TV


Entered the US market

Opened a representative office in Latin America – Brazil

Achieved 5,000,000 subscribers



Achieved 6,500,000 subscribers

Opening a representative office in Asia – Singapore

Offered free trials of SmartTUBE 5 and SmartMEDIA solutions

This is how we were making

our dream a reality, step by step:

  • Opening office in Moscow, Russia
  • COMSTAR customer, Russia
  • Dalsvyaz customer, Russia
  • Sakhatelecom customer, Russia
  • Utel customer, Russia
  • Opening an office in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • NTV+ customer, Russia
  • MTS customer, Russia
  • Rostelecom customer, Russia
  • PrimeTel customer, Cyprus
  • Bona Netto customer, Spain
  • Moscow City Telephone Network customer, Russia
  • Beltelecom customer, Belarus
  • Opening an office in London, United Kingdom
  • Opening an office in Berlin, Germany
  • Optima Telekom customer, Croatia
  • Caucasus Online customer, Georgia
  • Baze Technology customer, Norway
  • Opening a representative office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • USA, first contract
  • Baltcom customer, Latvia
  • Opening a representative office in Singapore
  • Central Europe, major provider customer

SmartLabs developed along with our perfect team


Even the most carefully conceived plan cannot be implemented without a professional team. It will stay a mere diagram on paper or in the app. We had such a team from the first day of our operation. And it grew more numerous year by year. Today SmartLabs is 100 people across the globe, and it is impossible to imagine the past 10 years without them.

Meet the SmartLabs team
Gary Hamer
Vice President for Sales and Business Development
Dobrin Trifonov
Sales Director
Andrey Makashov
Oleg Sobol
Deputy CTO
Alexandr Shmelev

Head of System Software

Development Department

Vyacheslav Zenin
Head of Production Department
Elena Fomina
Creative Director
Artem Gelun
Head of Systems Integration
Olga Kuznetsova
Head of Documentation and Quality Assurance Department