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/ SmartTUBE - Troubleshooting / Admin UI application will not start

Admin UI application will not start

  1. Enable detailed logging for SmartTUBE 5 Server and SmartTUBE 5 Cache Server components by running the queries 
    http://<server address>:<port>/sdpapi/admin/logging?level=debug and http://<cache server address>:<port>/api/admin/logging?level=debug, respectively.
    Note. To disable detailed logging, send level=error in these queries.
  2. Make sure that the address of the server to which the application must connect is correct. Check that the server is available.
  3. Run the application:
    - scan the log for errors; make sure that queries are sent to the server
     and analyze responses of the NGINX proxy server
  4. Check that no errors are associated with the queries and that responses are not delayed:
    - from NGINX proxy server to SmartTUBE 5 Cache Server
    - from SmartTUBE 5 Cache Server to SmartTUBE Server
    - from NGINX proxy server to SmartTUBE Server
  5. Based on the information above, highlight the issues, for example:
    - slow query processing 
    - the server returns an error
    - the server returns incorrect data
    - the client application does not wait for a response from the server
     and more.

If these steps do not solve your problem, send the problem description to Our specialists will try to help you.

Technical support is only guaranteed for customers who have a commercial license.