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/ SmartTUBE - Technical FAQ / How can I check that the platform works correctly?

How can I check that the platform works correctly?

1. Check the operation of SmartTUBE 5 components.


Make sure that the components are installed and started. Make sure that you can listen TCP ports of the components and that you can connect to them locally (localhost) and from other hosts (the ports should not be closed by a firewall).


2. Test the Admin UI.


It works correctly if the following is true:


  • When you start Admin UI and enter the server address, the login page opens.
    • When you type the correct login and password, you get access to the management interface.
    • If you enter incorrect credentials, a message about authorization error is displayed.
  • After you access Admin UI, you can edit the settings and your changes are applied successfully.


3. Check API methods. The interface for receiving commands from external systems, such as a billing  system, is described in the document "SmartTUBE 5. OSS and BSS API".


Make sure that HTTP requests from a client (e.g. a browser) to the SmartTUBE 5 server return an expected result.


4. Check the client application and the device, on which the app is installed.


Both application and device work correctly, if the following is true:


  • The application is loading when you turn on the device. Upon loading, the main window of the client application is displayed.
  • Content is available in the application.