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Recommended hardware (HW) equipment

For exploring product. It is enough to launch software (SW) and explore product features.


You may explore the main components of the SmartMEDIA platform on any computer, where you can launch a virtual machine or HW server with the following properties:


  • RAM – 8 GB;
  • Free space on the disk – at least 50 GB.
  • At least 5 GB Storage space per 1 hour / 1 channel recording.


Approximated to real operator's system for testing. It is recommended for testing SW in a real operator's conditions.


The configs below are without redundancy. 


Description Recommended Specification  Basic config
SmartMEDIA components with NPVR supporting  2xCPUQuadCore, RAM 64GB, HDD 2x300GB, 
Storage: ~2TB, 31,25Mb/sec, 2x10GB Eth


Storage capacity depends on number of channels with NPVR and calculates as 5 GB/s per 1 channel per 1 hour. In real conditions you should calculate all recording profile's bitrates for estimating Storage parameters.


HW should be compatible with Red Hat Linux Enterprise or CentOS version 7 x86_64.
Recommended server model: HP ProLiant DL360 / 380 series or similar from other vendors e.g. Supermicro.