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/ SmartTUBE - Troubleshooting / There is no programme guide

There is no programme guide

If you have configured EPG in Admin UI, but it is not displayed in the client application, restart the application. If the problem persists:

  1. Make sure that the cache contains actual data. To do this, request the data from SmartTUBE 5 Cache Server using the API method /api/v1/epg/list. You can send the request from a browser.
  2. In Admin UI, check that the EPG exists in the database and it is the same as the source EPG.
  3. Make sure that TV channel IDs in the source EPG are the same as external IDs of TV channels (or overridden external identifiers) that are used to import EPG to the server.
  4. If you have found any errors in the EPG, correct these errors or import the EPG again. Check the import results. See the document "SmartTUBE 5. Administration guide", section Importing EPG.
  5. If errors occur, make sure that you perform importing correctly.
  6. Check that date and time on servers and user devices are correct and the same.