User friendly, responsive, fully customizable for mobile and fullscreen devices

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Interfaces benefits

For operators

Broad range of devices and networks supported. Interfaces for set-top boxes, SmartTV, smartphones, tablets, and PC browsers. The interfaces ensure easy and quick service accessibility in solutions designed for different types of networks.

Robust data protection. The solution is integrated with the most popular and efficient CAS and DRM content protection systems.

Embedded advertising and content recommendation. The interfaces allow you to display ads and recommend content to the subscribers. They are totally compatible with the recommendation system.

Multiscreen support. The interfaces utilize a single logic and design on all types of screens. Natively designed to support multiscreen, the interfaces support seamless viewing handover from one device to another.

Ease of customization and migration. The interfaces are built on the SDK that ensures compatibility with STBs from Motorola/Arris, Zyxel, Infomir, and other vendors. They are quickly refined and customized to meet your individual requirements.

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For subscribers

Rich functionality. The interfaces support such features as multiscreen, recommendation-based content selection, social media integration, etc.

High performance. The interfaces have demonstrated high performance on STBs as they use OpenGL graphic libraries. They run smoothly both on iOS and Android.

Appeal and convenience. Millions of subscribers in different countries of the world have already appreciated rich functionality and ease of use of our interfaces.

Single user experience. Multiscreen interfaces use a universal logic and a single design approach. The user can seamlessly switch between the screens.

Extended STB app functionality The STB app is integrated with online cinemas (for example, Megogo, Ivi), YouTube app, and information services. The app supports remote STB control from a smartphone, offers SMB and DLNA access to the library, USB drive management, etc.