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SmartLabs STBs

have got a new case design

Now the premium design of each model in the Set-Top Box portfolio is available at no extra cost!
Choose between the standard and premium STB format offered at the same price.

While creating premium case design, 

we focused both on the maximum compactness 

of STBs and achieving of elegant look to meet the classic 

standards of low-key luxury.

By using modern CPUs with the best heat buildup levels, we reduced the area of ventilation openings and more efficiently laid out connectors on the rear panel of the device. All this has allowed us to reduce the linear dimensions of the STB.
New STB design has no legs which allowed to additionally reduce the height of the case.
If needed, you can order custom branding of the bottom panel of the STB and choose different surface finishing options.

Benefits of new design

2 new versions of premium cases
For SmartLabs STBs in Mini, Midi and Maxi format. Now our strict and elegant design with metallic inserts is available for the most popular models rather than state-of-the-art devices only.
10 years of experience in industrial design
Have ultimately allowed us to build our processes and development so that the premium STB design is most affordable...
Flexible choice. Choose a device to match your tasks
Now your choice is not affected by the cost. Standard or premium design - everything depends on the task specifics and your branding requirements and expectations
Compact. STBs have become even more compact
By leveraging the latest technical solutions we made our STBs even smaller. For instance, a standard case was 110x106x32 mm, but in the new version it is 100x100x26 mm only.