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NTV-PLUS and SmartLabs Launch a New IPTV Project for Broadband Operators

Feb. 15, 2011

SmartLabs, leading developer of digital interactive TV solutions, and NTV-Plus, a primary provider of premium content and the market leader in pay satellite television, announce the launch of a new joint solution “IPTV NTV-Plus” for IPTV in broadband networks.

IPTV NTV-Plus” offers quick implementation of IPTV services for broadband subscribers at a minimal cost. SmartLabs provides broadband operators with client applications and a centralized management system for IPTV services and resources. "NTV-PLUS” empowers the operators with access to the premium TV content. With this solution, the operators have no need to interact with the copyright holders and can much easier launch and deliver their IPTV services.

As “
IPTV NTV-Plus” has a modular architecture, its deployment and launch does not involve considerable expenses. Design flexibility ensures quick deployment of services. Also, phased introduction of services for subscribers is supported. Centralized management of services and resources based on SmartLabs technology guarantees high quality of services and business continuity. The solution has advanced interfaces to integrate with external systems, including customer care and billing.

With the NTV-Plus flexible packetization system run by the SmartTUBE SDP platform, the broadband operators will provide highly attractive and effective offerings to subscribers, increasing the loyalty and scale of their subscriber base.

IPTV NTV-Plus” covers a broad scope of audience through a wide variety of channels offered by NTV-Plus. Currently, there are over 130 channels of various genres in Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD). The video content security is ensured by the cardless conditional access technology and digital rights management.

In addition to a wide choice of basic and premium TV channels from NTV-PLUS, the solution offers many other benefits to subscribers. The key benefits are: an advanced system of interactive services, ease of use and management of services, multifunctional client applications with an intuitive interface, support for different models of set-top boxes (STB). Also, the operator can develop new attractive services, either independently or in collaboration with NTV-Plus.


Another advantage of solutions based on the SmartLabs technology platform, is flexibility of offerings, support of interactive services and the ability to broadcast more channels in addition to NTV-PLUS content.

The technical support of the solutions is provided 24x7 by SmartLabs, whose specialists have extensive expertise in implementing and maintaining the systems of the largest IPTV operators.

"The “IPTV NTV-Plus” solution will allow the broadband operators to provide competitive IPTV services to their customers, fully meeting the highest requirements for reliability and quality. I am confident that the services of IPTV deployment in broadband networks that we offer together with NTV-Plus, the leader of the Russian pay TV market, will open new business opportunities to our clients,"- says Mikhail Grachev, CEO of SmartLabs.


SmartLabs is the leading provider of multi-screen, multi-network solutions for the video streaming sector. SmartLabs’ solutions deliver content services to over 7 million subscribers around the globe on multiple devices from set-top boxes to mobile phones. Smartlabs' client base includes telcos (fixed and mobile), ISP's, cable operators, content and app service providers. SmartLabs partners with 25 IPTV market leaders including Widevine, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung and LG. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Smartlabs has offices in USA, Canada, UK, Cyprus and Russia and has been established for over 15 years, creating innovative solutions for the interactive TV market.

NTV-PLUS is the first satellite TV provider in Russia. It has been the leader of the Russian Pay TV market for 15 years. The company uses Eutelsat W4/W7 and Bonum 1 satellites that cover most of the territory of Russia and Ukraine. Currently more than 2 million viewers enjoy the content NTV-PLUS offers. The main goal of the company is to create high quality TV product for the whole family that is readily available from anywhere across the country. The company is proud of their range of unique proprietary sports and movie channels. NTV-PLUS was the first company in Russia to start broadcasting HD channels in 2007 and to launch the first 3D channel  in 2010. For more details, please visit www.ntvplus.ru.