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SmartLabs Enhanced Digital TV Platform Installed in the Urals

Mar. 17, 2011

A unique set of interactive IPTV services is now available to all subscribers of “Uralsvyazinform“.

March 17, 2011. Today, SmartLabs has announced the launch of a new IPTV platform for the subscribers of the Urals largest telecom operator, “Uralsvyazinform” (Utel).

In November 2010, Uralsvyazinform introduced an end-to-end IPTV solution from SmartLabs, consisting of a converged digital TV service delivery platform SmartTUBE SDP, high-performance client applications SmartTUBE UI, content management and distribution platform SmartMEDIA,  SmartLabs SML-292 Premium set-top- boxes, content protection system, quality monitoring and control system SmartSPY and packet loss correction solution SmartTUBE PLC.

The new service "Home cinema. Utel.TV» is in high demand, which is in now way a surprise. The operator has offered High Definition video (HD) and launched the commercial 3D TV. This is an altogether new phase in the technological growth of the region. The customers have got access to tons of licensed videos (97 digital TV channels, 5 HD channels, one 3D channel; 625 SD movies, 322 HD movies and 12 3D movies). The content is updating constantly.

However, the highlight of Utel’s IPTV service is its interactive features, including such earlier deployed services as Video-on-Demand (VoD), Time Shifted playback, PauseLive, and Network Personal Video recorder, nPVR. Also, the subscribers are empowered by such interactive services as electronic program guide, maintaining of a personal profile for each family member with customized video content,  parental control to protect children from inappropriate videos, and online data on weather, traffic, exchange rates, horoscopes, etc.

In the nearest future, the operator is planning to introduce the Over-The-Top services (OTT) to offer access to Utel.TV over the Internet and from iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Also, digital TV on PC (without STBs) will be implemented soon. In addition, Uralsvyazinform is now preparing to launch a new Utel.TV service tailored for hotels.

"Utel.TV is the first really interactive TV in the Urals. It is an innovative product, and its development opportunities are virtually limitless," Sergey Frolov, the first deputy general director of Uralsvyazinform, said. "This is smart television, whose built-in intellect is constantly improved by learning how to better match the expectations of the audience."

“The list of services available to subscribers of Utel.TV from the first day of its launch, is unprecedented in Russia," SmartLabs CEO Mikhail Grachev says, "and this is just the beginning! In the near future, together with Uralsviazinform, we plan to significantly expand the list of new online services to make content consumption even more easy and convenient for the customers."

About the companies

Uralsvyazinform is a universal telecommunications operator in the Urals region. As of January 1, 2011, Uralsvyazinform served 3.6 million fixed-line and 5.0 million mobile subscribers, 900 thousand broadband users and 122 thousand pay TV subscribers. The mobile services and new services are provided under the Utel trademark. For details, please visit www.u-tel.ru.

Currently, Uralsvyazinform, in cooperation with other interregional Svyazinvest telecoms and with Dagsvyazinform, is in the process of merging with JSC Rostelecom to form a national telecommunications company, holding leading positions in key segments of the Russian telecoms market. Creating of a unified Rostelecom, to become the successor of all the merging companies, will be completed in spring 2011.

SmartLabs is the leading provider of multi-screen, multi-network solutions for the video streaming sector. SmartLabs’ solutions deliver content services to over 7 million subscribers around the globe on multiple devices from set-top boxes to mobile phones. Smartlabs' client base includes telcos (fixed and mobile), ISP's, cable operators, content and app service providers. SmartLabs partners with 25 IPTV market leaders including Widevine, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung and LG. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Smartlabs has offices in USA, Canada, UK, Cyprus and Russia and has been established for over 15 years, creating innovative solutions for the interactive TV market.