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SmartLabs will present a joint innovative IPTV solution to NTV-PLUS partners

May. 25, 2011
On June 10, 2011, SmartLabs will participate in the NTV-PLUS partner conference held at the Imperial Park Hotel (Rogozinino, Moscow region). The conference will feature IPTV NTV- PLUS, a joint solution of SmartLabs and NTV-PLUS, introducing IPTV to the broadband access networks.

IPTV NTV-PLUS reduces the time and cost needed to deploy digital TV services for broadband subscribers. SmartLabs client applications and IPTV management system lay the technological foundation for the innovative solutions. NTV-PLUS, as a video content provider, enables the telecom operator with access to all its TV channels. As a result, the telecoms have no need to interact with content rights holders.

IPTV NTV-PLUS offers to subscribers a high quality of services due to reliability, flexibility and scalability of the SmartTUBE SDP platform developed by SmartLabs. The advanced system of interactive services can be easily enhanced with new operator-defined services. IPTV NTV-PLUS supports a broad range of end-user devices (STBs), providing a unique user experience at consuming and managing IPTV services.

The Partners Conference will showcase a full-featured demo stand, presenting to telcos the NTV-PLUS premium TV channels broadcast over the broadband access networks.

This April, the solution was already presented to telecom operators at the NTV-PLUS workshop. The operators showed great interest in the benefits of IPTV NTV-PLUS", which was proved by active discussion of the solution features during the workshop. In particular, the operators were interested in substantial reduction of cost to launch and provide access to video content, ensured by the IPTV NTV-Plus solution. Due to a low total cost of ownership, this solution opens new perspectives in the development of digital TV business in Russia.

About the company

SmartLabs is a Russian company and a leader in the development of service delivery platform for interactive digital television (IPTV, DVB, hybrid, satellite, Internet TV), innovative client applications and user interfaces, next generation STBs, and other innovative solutions for service providers and enterprises. For more details, please contact pr@smartlabs.tv.