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SmartLabs STBs Help Rostelecom to Launch a Unified Innovative IPTV Service

Mar. 21, 2012

21 March 2012, London

SmartLabs, a leading developer of solutions for interactive television, has announced at IP&TV Forum that Rostelecom, Russia's largest telecommunications company, has opted for advanced SmartLabs STBs under its large-scale project to provide a new unified IPTV service throughout Russia.

Under the comprehensive IPTV service based on the SmartLabs SmartTUBE SDP platform, Rostelecom will provide its customers with access to the today's most popular digital TV services. These include Video On Demand (VoD), Network PVR, Pause TV, and a variety of other interactive services.

"Choosing SmartLabs STBs, we were guided by our fruitful collaborative experience," said Andrey Kholodny, the Director of Media Products at Rostelecom. We are sure that with the innovative SmartLabs products, we can provide high-quality IPTV services throughout Russia and make sure they are popular among our customers."

"We are happy to continue our collaboration with Rostelecom and participate in such a high scale and exciting project," said Mikhail Grachev, SmartLabs CEO. Due to their versatility, ease of use, and support of a full range of modern services at high quality, SmartLabs STBs are highly appealing to subscribers, driving efficient IPTV service promotion."

To provide its popular media services, Rostelecom has chosen time proven and field tested IPTV SML-282 Base set-top boxes.

SML-282 Base offers access to value-added interactive services with pluggable USB devices, such as removable storage media, video cameras, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/n modules and more.

About SmartLabs

SmartLabs is the leading provider of multi-screen, multi-network solutions for the video streaming sector. SmartLabs’ solutions deliver content services to over 7 million subscribers around the globe on multiple devices from set-top boxes to mobile phones. Smartlabs' client base includes telcos (fixed and mobile), ISP's, cable operators, content and app service providers. SmartLabs partners with 25 IPTV market leaders including Widevine, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung and LG.  Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Smartlabs has offices in USA, Canada,  UK, Cyprus and has been established for over 15 years, creating innovative solutions for the interactive TV market.

About Rostelecom

Rostelecom(www.rt.ru) is the Russian national telecommunications company, which is the largest telecom company in Russia. The company got this status in April 2011, when the CenterTelecom, North-West Telecom, South Telecom Company, Volga Telecom, Ural Telecom, Siberia Telecom, Far East Telecom and Dagsvyazinform interregional communications companies were merged with the Rostelecom national long-distance communications company.