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Join SmartLabs at NexTV Brazil to find out how to bring a low-cost offer with OTT?

Nov. 23, 2021
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The NexTV Brazil virtual conference is going to focus on the boom of virtual OTT Pay-TV operators in Brazil and on the ways traditional Pay TV operations are adapting to increasing consumer demand for more sophisticated services and access to personalized content anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

SmartLabs experts will present solutions addressing these topics and offering operators new opportunities to strengthen their market ranks:

  • Proven and powerful SmartLabs OTT/IPTV Multiscreen platform;
  • Extremely flexible, scalable, and cost-effective Software as a Service offering;
  • Multi-Tenancy feature enabling operators to avoid unnecessary expenses.

On top of that, SmartLabs Sales Director for Americas Eduardo Campos will speak at the OTT TV STRATEGIES FOR ISPS panel, which is scheduled for December 2

Join us on December 1-2, 2021 at NexTV Brazil virtual event!