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SmartLabs helps Baltcom to maintain an excellent quality of TV service
July 4, 2019

July 4, 2019, Berlin — The SmartCARE solution has helped Baltcom not only to significantly increase the speed of problem-solving but also to reduce the response time by 60% and reduce the number of service engineer visits by 20% and Baltcom expects these figures to improve further in the future.

It was important for Baltcom to have a complete understanding of their customers’ true experience of their new multiscreen TV services, on every screen.

SmartCARE is an OTT-native solution for monitoring the quality of video content delivery, allowing operators to understand the quality of their multiscreen OTT and IPTV services 24x7x365. SmartCARE solution uses a unique clustering-based anomaly detection algorithm to unveil a confluence of parameters causing service quality reduction. SmartCARE analyzes complex data and determines which subscribers with similar parameters are at risk. This data can be used to inform subscribers of possible issues and to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Baltcom is now alerted to service-affecting problems, in their subscriber’s home network, with their devices or within the operator’s platform, as soon as they occur with the objective of proactively resolving these issues quickly and ideally before any impact on service quality is noticed by the subscriber.

SmartCARE also allows Baltcom to understand what content, applications, and services are being engaged with by their subscriber base on which devices. This detailed engagement data along with technical information regarding which content sources have regular quality issues allows Baltcom to focus their discussions with their content providers to ensure that only high-quality content, as well as content of interest, is sourced for their subscribers.

Therefore, with the SmartCARE solution, Baltcom has the ability to constantly monitor key technical and marketing indicators, and using SmartCARE’s dashboard and reporting features this information is presented to specific teams in a format that allows them to act upon it quickly and efficiently. This has greatly simplified and accelerated problem solving across job functions and as a result response times have decreased by 60%, issues are resolved 40% faster and engineering visits have been reduced by 20%.

“With the SmartCARE solution, we get access to the performance statistics, events and detailed technical information for each customer’s devices. Knowing that no data has slipped away from our attention helps us timely notice the negative processes, even the ones which develop gradually over time, solve issues much faster and way more efficiently. As a result, we managed to improve the overall quality and stability of the services”, says Dmitrijs Nikitins, Managing Director and Board Member at Baltcom.

“We offer operators a complete set of tools to manage interactive TV services, including a solution for service quality control. SmartCARE helps the operator to understand exactly how subscribers see its service, what is more in demand and what is less. It allows you to anticipate problems, monitor the status of the network and each device. As a result, manageability is growing, the quality of services is improving and the loyalty of subscribers is increasing, `` says Mikhail Grachev, CEO of SmartLabs.


About SmartLabs

SmartLabs is a leader in the development of service delivery platforms for interactive digital television (IPTV, OTTtv, hybrid IPTV/DVB), advanced client applications and user interfaces, next generation set-top boxes, and other innovative solutions for service providers and corporations. For details please contact

About Baltcom

Baltcom is a telecommunications company with 26 years’ experience in the Latvian market and has proven to be a reliable, stable and highly valued partner to its customers.  It is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Baltic region. Baltcom offers such home services as the optical Internet, interactive television, digital television, home phone, and electricity.



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