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SmartLabs Developed RDK Based UHD STBs to USA

Aug. 18, 2016
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18 August 2016, Moscow - SmartLabs has announced the first shipment of its native STBs to the USA.

A major US systems integrator offering technology infrastructure and software solutions and high-end equipment to telecom and cable operators and electric utility companies, has received the first batch of SML-5112W set-top boxes designed by SmartLabs.

SML-5112W is the latest high-performance SmartLabs STB with Ultra HD support. Its full-scale case has a new impressive design. The STB is built on BCM7251S chipset with a 4x4 wireless module for unicast and multicast transmission.

The device natively supports the RDK software stack and fully meets modern requirements for interactive STBs. The RDK software stack for SML-5112W, provided by Smartlabs, allows integrators and service providers to simplify the packaging, distribution, and building of new firmware.

"We are sure that the US service providers and interactive TV operators will be impressed by the benefits and performance specs of SML-5112W. We are committed to a long-standing and mutually beneficial cooperation with our new partner and believe that SmartLabs, and our products, can fully meet US operator and consumer expectations," SmartLabs CEO Mikhail Grachev says.


About SmartLabs

SmartLabs is a leader in the development of service delivery platforms for interactive digital television (IPTV, OTTtv, hybrid IPTV/DVB), advanced client applications and user interfaces, next generation set-top boxes, and other innovative solutions for service providers and corporations. For details please contact pr@smartlabs.tv.