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SmartLabs exhibiting at Telecoms World ME

Jun. 11, 2021
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SmartLabs, the leading provider of multi-screen, multi-network solutions for video streaming, will be exhibiting at the Telecoms World ME virtual conference on the 15-16 June 2021.

SmartLabs will share its global experience and expertise on AVOD, TVOD, and SVOD models to help telecoms companies choose the most sensible and cost-effective monetisation option. It can also advise on what content suits each model best - on its own and as part of a blended strategy. The company will also be showcasing its new Dynamic Ad Insertion solution, SmartLabs DAI that enables highly accurate ad targeting and placement to drive video content monetisation success.

Consumers want to watch video content anytime, anywhere and on any type of device and are pushing operators to look for more efficient delivery on complex multi-platform content management ecosystems, all while maximising revenues. SmartLabs DAI solution enables telecoms operators and broadcasters to dynamically insert ad units into video content. With its server-side ad insertion technology, operators can add or replace ads in live video streams, pre-recorded, and xVoD content with little-to-no effort. With built-in VAST protocol support, depending on requirements, users can partner with third-parties or configure their own campaigns in SmartLabs DAI and become independent of any external advertising services.

Julie Cumberland, SmartLabs’ Head of Global Marketing, says: “For telecoms operators that are in an extremely competitive space where Netflix, Disney +, Apple TV and Amazon Prime are grabbing market share, AVOD solutions such as SmartLabs’ Dynamic Ad Insertion, SmartLabs’ DAI, might be a differentiator to provide an additional revenue stream. We are happy to share our experience of working with operators around the globe, who working with us, have found ways to improve their methods of delivery for video on demand (VOD) as well as refining their monetisation strategies to drive revenue and keep their subscribers engaged. We can also help clarify compliance and the future challenges companies face when they are considering AVOD as a monetisation strategy.”