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What are ultimate metrics for IPTV service success and how to improve it?

Aug. 20, 2021
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There is only one ultimate metric showing you the success of your TV service. This is not subscriber numbers, your market share, or total hours watched. It is revenue.

To run a profitable TV service, you need to engage users, drive organic growth, and retain your viewers.

Great, but how do we do that? When viewers are so demanding and have a plethora of choice in terms of which service to select.

There is a simple and yet challenging answer. The most effective way to ensure your IPTV service success is through accurate recommendations.  With so many variables to monitor, this is increasingly possible only with assistance from machine learning.

Don’t overlook the power of machine learning by thinking of it as a hype technology. You can employ it today and bring better, smarter, and more valuable recommendations to your viewers!

Learn how to leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities in the IPTV business. 

Read the latest feature article on the 'Future of Content Recommendation' by Gary Hamer, Smartlabs SVP Sales and Business Development.

To learn more about the opportunities we can provide  for building on existing revenue streams, talk to SmartLabs today.