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The Service Delivery Platform from SmartLabs

Our robust, proven solution is delivered over IP, OTT, DVB hybrid and mobile networks. Over 6m subscribers enjoy content driven by our platform, every day.

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SmartTUBE Benefits:

Free Trial
To deploy a basic configuration, you just need to download the software and install it on a standard server. You can test and evaluate the SmartTUBE platform and client applications absolutely for free
Modern client applications
SmartTUBE clients have beautiful, agile and fully functional user interfaces that follow a common style on all devices. We offer broad branding and customization options to meet the needs of a service provider.
Great Functionality
SmartTUBE efficiently meets the business challenges of the full range of service providers from T1 national operators to competitive OTT providers. With over 6 million subscribers relying on SmartTUBE based services every day, delivered over IP, OTT, DVB hybrid and mobile networks, the solution is widely proven. 
Simple and convenient service management
You can manage the test service via the user-friendly SmartTUBE web interface which supports various management profiles including EPG editor, platform administrator, content editor, support engineer, analyst, etc.
Flexibility and customization
The solution can be easily integrated into a service provider’s existing infrastructure. The service platform and user interfaces can be customized to meet individual requirements of the operator.
Optimization of operating costs
SmartTUBE delivers great performance from a simple server configuration with a PostreSQL database and may even run in a virtual environment. This significantly reduces the operating costs associated with establishing a service based on SmartTUBE.
SmartTUBE solution includes SmartTUBE Server platform for service management and SmartTUBE Clients for STBs, interactive TV sets and mobile devices.
SmartTUBE Server

SmartTUBE Server is the core of the solution; it allows you to manage services, users, content, pricing and metadata. It provides interaction with an operator’s billing and/or payment gateways and facilitates the use of other external information systems.

SmartTUBE server Benefits:

  • Networks Supported
    The platform supports IP, OTT, hybrid and wireless networks.
  • Modern services
    The platform provides access to terrestrial TV, interactive TV with nDVR, nPVR, TSTV, CatchUP, Pause Live and VoD support, and multiscreen and multiroom functionality.

The solution supports both basic pricing models (SVOD, TVOD, EST), and options with more complex business logic.

Advanced content management tools
SmartTUBE server runs a unified catalogue of content that includes OTT, terrestrial broadcast and VOD. The built-in recommendation engine uses both the in-depth analytics of a subscriber’s individual interests and preferences and expert editorial advice. The platform also supports EPG and metadata management.

SmartTUBE User Interfaces

SmartTUBE Clients are a range of applications for end-user devices for digital TV. We offer beautifully designed and responsive user interfaces for STBs, interactive TV sets, mobile devices and web browsers.

SmartTUBE clients Benefits:

For operators

Multiple platforms

Support for different types of devices (TV, PC, mobile, etc.) and networks (wireless and fixed).

Wide range of supported devices 
Support of a broad range of devices and digital television networks to ensure quick and easy service access. 


Content protection

The solution is integrated with the most popular and efficient CAS and DRM content protection systems.


Rapid interface development / revision / customization and migration

SmartTUBE employs an SDK to support legacy STBs from third party vendors such as Motorola/Arris, Zyxel, Infomir and others. Our interfaces are easily customizable to meet the needs and preferences of the operator. Interfaces have built-in advertising features and content recommendation elements


Low Latency Streaming support

SmartTUBE Clients for Linux and Android STBs, SmartTVs, and iOS/Android mobile devices support Low Latency Streaming protocol. The protocol delivers x10 latency reduction for media delivery and playback in unmanaged networks, providing near real-time viewing experience!

For subscribers

Broad functionality

The product offers a large set of features including content recommendations, social media integration, multiscreen support, etc.


High performance

STB interface performance is increased through the use of OpenGL graphics libraries.


Appealing interface

Millions of users around the globe have already appreciated the rich functionality, flexibility and usability of our interfaces.


Unified user experience

Our interfaces have been developed for all device types and are based on a universal design approach and logic. SmartTUBE Clients allow an operator to create a compelling and user friendly environment for their customers to consume content on the devices they demand.

Advanced STB client functionality
SmartTUBE Client can integrate third-party premium and user generated video services, information services, remote management via the phone app, media library access via SMB and DLNA, external USB drives, etc.

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Try SmartTUBE 5 beta for Free!
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SmartTUBE 5:

A broad range of digital television services, including Multiscreen and advanced tools for flexible configuring of services and tariffs.


Free trial for up to 10 users for a period of 3 months.


SmartTUBE server installation package is available in a virtual machine OVF format or a distribution for Red Hat 7 / CentOS 7 x86-64.


Service management using a new user-friendly Web interface.


Out-of-the-box pre-configured platform - you will not need to configure the service from scratch to evaluate the basic features of SmartTUBE 5. The platform is pre-configured to offer all the basic services by default. 


No additional payments are needed for the use of third-party software

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