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Turnkey Multi-screen Solution

SmartLabs full turnkey IPTV solution can be tailored to suit your business, whether a new service provider or a legacy system looking to upscale your service.
Bespoke branding, feature-rich service platform and advanced content delivery system, monitoring tools and robust, award-winning STB’s are all part of our solution suite, which you can tailor to your needs as an operator to manage your business.

All-in-one Turnkey Solution
Our Turnkey Interactive TV Solution offers a complete package of products that you need to build a compelling interactive TV service offering which may be used to differentiate your brand, decrease operational and maintenance costs, increase revenue and decrease subscriber churn. 

Proven and Robust
Our products and STBs have proven their quality and reliability while delivering on the daily basis a wide range of state-of-the-art multiscreen services to more than 6.5 million demanding customers in Europe, USA, Russia and CIS.

Comprehensive Service & Support
SmartLabs team offers full-featured solution support including troubleshooting, regular system upgrades and continuous product development based on a strategic roadmap. 

Saving Your Time & Money
No need to invest any additional time and money to create your own applications and UI for each screen, to integrate different parts of the solution or to align a service platform with your legacy STBs. SmartLabs’ Turnkey Interactive TV Solution provides an end-to-end integrated and easy manageable service delivery environment which offers your subscribers access to the most advanced interactive services and entertainment experiences on any screen.
Tailored to Your Business
SmartLabs’ 10 years of interactive TV solution development and implementation expertise guarantees flawless operation of our solutions in any network - OTT, IPTV or Hybrid — we have a dedicated solution and vast experience of system implementation, customisation and support in each type of network. We have experienced every possible issue which allows us to predict every potential bottleneck and to efficiently navigate any obstacle on your journey to success.

Android TV Ready
Our Turnkey Interactive TV Solutions and STBs are Android TV Operator Tier ready. 


They enable you to enhance your service offering with Android TV services and Google apps and features on top of SmartLabs’ leading multiscreen, multinetwork solutions. 


Design, implement and control your subscribers’ viewing experience across all screens!

Over 6 500 0000 subscribers
and 5 000 000 Set Top Boxes around the world!

We Have a Solution for Your Business Needs

You have no need to create your own apps, user interfaces, and TV launcher or integrate a service delivery platform of one vendor with another vendor’s middleware, content delivery system and STB’s. You don’t have to tame a whole pack of diverse and unsurprisingly wild systems to make them work smoothly and consistently. We bet you already know how this mishmash of incoherent systems could perform, or better to say — underperform.


SmartLabs offers you a complete ready-to-go Interactive TV solution able to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free delivery of hi-end media content directly to your subscribers, to any screen they choose at any moment of time. Our solution supports cutting-edge Low Latency Streaming protocol, which reduces the latency of media delivery and playback in unmanaged networks from 30-60 seconds to just 1-3 seconds!


SmartLabs Turnkey Interactive TV Solutions and STBs deliver cutting-edge services over any type of network

We have a full-scale multiscreen solution for any type of operator network — OTT, IPTV or Hybrid (OTT/IPTV + Cable). You come up with your business objectives, demands and task and we offer you a Turnkey Interactive TV Solution to cover your company’s needs, efficiently utilise your TV infrastructure and provide your business with a wide range of compelling TV services.

OTT Solution Benefits


  • Linux or Android STBs
  • Android TV Operator Tier Ready
  • Genuine Multiscreen

IPTV Solution Benefits


  • Linux or Android STBs
  • Android TV Operator Tier Ready
  • Genuine Multiscreen

Hybrid Benefits


  • Linux or Android STBs
  • Android TV Operator Tier Ready
  • Genuine Multiscreen
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