TV with box
“We started as a platform provider and over many years developing and enhancing our product suite, have evolved into a leading end-to-end, interactive, multi-screen TV solution.  Today this includes content delivery, apps for mobile and
SmartTV’s and evolution options for legacy systems, including hi-end STB’s. Our heritage and broad experience means that we are well positioned to breathe new life into operator platforms and analytics for a best in class outcome.”

— Mikhail Grachev, CEO, SmartLabs

In 2018, 02, the Czech Republic’s largest fixed, mobile and broadband service provider, launched their next generation TV service, backed by SmartLabs full solution suite.

O2 box
SmartLabs has created a totally new UHD hybrid STB, with a case designed by Czech designer Martin Tvaruzek, as well as an innovative multiscreen solution for the management and presentation of content from a hybrid (DVB-T2 and IP) network.

The groundbreaking feature delivered by the O2 service is Multi-dimensional TV. Sports fans may choose up to six football, tennis or hockey matches and view them simultaneously in a multi-dimensional mosaic. The user may then select different viewing angles from multiple broadcast cameras in each match as well as selecting which commentary to listen to.

“The plan is to open the system to third-party applications in the following phase. That will make it possible, for example, to have an integrated YouTube player or a DVB-T/T2 tuner for terrestrial broadcasting even without a subscription to O2 TV.”

— Branislav Valo
Project Manager, 02 TV

SmartLabs has migrated the existing solution of 'OT-Optima Telekom d.d.', one of the leading telecommunications operators in Croatia, to the latest version of the SmartTUBE 5 platform.

Optitv UI on screen
The migration has opened access to state-of-the-art interactive features and brough together the entire pool of subscriber devices, from various set-top box manufacturers, with a refereshed look and feel. Optima Telekom subscribers now experience and enjoy enhanced, agile interfaces from SmartLabs.
Optitv box

“Our subscribers are enjoying new features, without the need to replace their STB’s. The whole project, covering implementation and migration of back-end systems, with no downtime, was short and efficient. We believe that by working closely together, Optima Telecom and SmartLabs, have delivered the most innovative interactive TV service on the Croatian market.”

— Luka Malešević
Director of IT and BI, Optima Telekom

SmartLabs migrated subscribers of Baltcom, one of the leading Latvian operators, to the SmartTUBE5 platform without swapping Baltcom legacy STBs and without any engineer visits to subscribers’ homes.

Baltcom UI with box
The project involved the migration of the entire subscriber base from Baltcom’s legacy interactive TV platform to the new SmartLabs multi-screen solution. The critical objectives of the project were to make the migration totally transparent for every subscriber and, following migration, to offer existing and new subscribers access to the state-of-the-art multiscreen services delivered by SmartTUBE5.
Baltcom box

“We needed to develop a simple and reliable procedure for migration and upgrade of software on subscriber devices. SmartLabs people did great, the process ran smoothly, and all our subscribers got access to the new features and services.”

— Dmitrijs Nikitins
CEO, Baltcom

Moldovan operator, StarNet, a triple-play service provider, chose SmartLabs to upgrade it’s IPTV solution, bringing it’s TV services to a new level.

Starnet UI

SmartLabs replaced the operator’s legacy platform with the SmartTUBE multi-screen solution, offering the operator its UHD set-top boxes and high-end client applications for mobile devices and Smart TVs. SmartLabs also remotely deployed customised SmartTUBE UIs for all existing STBs and migrated the whole subscriber base to the new platform.

“Thanks to our partnership with SmartLabs, we will be able to provide new interactive services for our IPTV subscribers to enjoy a feature-rich and unique TV experience. This is a totally new level of media entertainment and user experience we are happy to offer to all the existing and future StarNet subscribers.”

— Alexandru Machedon
Founder of StarNet

The Cypriot operator PrimeTel opted to upgrade their existing interactive TV platform to SmartLabs’ SmartTUBE5 Multiscreen Solution and enhance the STBs pool with SmartLabs’ UHD Android STBs.

Primetel box with remote control
SmartLabs introduced applications for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets as well as updated UIs for all STBs already deployed in the network. SmartLabs also offered the development of UHD Android STBs SML-5041.

PrimeTel’s customers are able to enjoy a true multi-screen experience and share content seamlessly between applications on their mobile devices, their existing DVB-T + IP hybrid STBs and their new Android STBs.

“We are very pleased to cooperate with SmartLabs. The new platform is expected to further improve customer experience offering new functionalities and enhanced user interface.”

— Marina Papanicolaou
COO of PrimeTel

SmartLabs deployed the large-scale, unified IPTV platform for Russian telecom provider, Rostelecom, across all Russian Federation regions; one of the largest providers by subscriber base, in Europe.

Rostelecom box
All separate IPTV solutions in the regions have been replaced with the unified IPTV platform based on SmartLabs products, offering a unified set of services and enabled with state-of-the-art user interfaces.

The whole subscriber base has been migrated to the new platform remotely, with no requirement for an engineering visit to the subscribers’ home, in itself a cost saving for Rostelecom.

The unified platform provides more than 5.5m Rostelecom subscribers with access to cutting-edge IPTV services and multiscreen features. Smartlabs has developed and supported this IPTV platform since 2012 until 2018, then Rostelecom began to support this IPTV platform itself. 

“Rostelecom has been working with SmartLabs since 2012 and they are important supplier partners in our business because of their best in class software, professional services and STB product.”

— Denis Leonov
Device Development Department Director, Rostelecom

SmartLabs designed and developed high-end STBs SML-5010W for Scandinavian based, specialist service provider, Baze Technology.

Bazeport vox with remote control
The beautifully designed STB cases and remote controls were branded with Baze Technology's corporate colors and logo. This STB model was also developed with a bespoke wall mount to enable it to be securely fixed in challenging environments.

SmartLabs also worked closely with Baze Technology to meet the demanding security requirements of premium content providers and delivered support for Widevine Modular DRM and SmartLabs Multicast Solution for Common Encryption/Widevine DRMs.

“The design, development and manufacture of the new STB(SML-5010W), has strengthened our product range for BazePort clients. SmartLabs consultative, professional approach represents an agile development culture that supported our road map for a high-end STB offering. We are very pleased with the end result.”

— Thorstein Rinker
SVP Business Development, Baze Technology

SmartLabs developed a state-of-the-art STB, (SML-5041W), which successfully passed DFS Master certification in the USA.

The SmartLabs state-of-the-art STB (5041W), was developed and produced specifically as a cost-effective solution to suit the capability and feature-rich needs of the US marketplace, on behalf of Innovative Systems as their STB product in the Pay-for-TV operator sector in North America.
Innovative box

SmartLabs has launched a multi-screen service, 'Zala' in 2014, enabling Beltelecom subscribers to view, record and catch up with TV content, set parental controls and switch between the screens.

Beltelecom UI
This new service upgrade, was completed in less than six months and with no service downtime or customer disturbance.  Superior and enhanced customer experience included improved UI, simplified navigation and additional services, for example new menu options. Deployed onto thousands of legacy STB’s as well as new SmartLabs STBs.
The outcome of the upgrade has meant that the operator retained all of historic and popular TV services but with the addition of improved user experience, usability, higher performance and service levels, to new and established subscribers.

Smartlabs implemented at Città its OTT platform with mobile and SmartTV applications along with powerful STBs to facilitate Città’s strategic growth and expansion. Later, the solution was enhanced with SmartMEDIA Transcoder.

Citta UI with box and notepad
SmartLabs provided a scalable, flexible and stable OTT solution with SmartTV, mobile and STB applications.he installation was the start of a longer-term partnership and a strategic move for the ISP’s future growth. The ability to deliver IT services enabled Città to operate across a larger region of Brazil.

With the cloud NVIDIA-based SmartMEDIA Transcoder solution Città alta acquired the ability to provide efficient delivery of 100 HD channels to its customers.

“With Smartlabs solution and SmartMEDIA Transcoder we can provide our customers with the stable and flexible video content delivery which can adapt to the network bandwidth and sustain smooth playback. Now we can launch our OTT service and offer our viewers compelling and entertaining content.”

— Paulo Junior
Operations Director at Città Telecom