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Try SmartTUBE 5 for Free!

SmartTUBE 5 - is a latest generation of the SmartTUBE platform, and we are delighted to offer a free trial for the first time. 


With SmartTUBE 5 you get access to all the components needed to perform full-scale testing of a digital television services: SmartTUBE Server platform, SmartTUBE Clients for our SML STBs, apps for iPad and Android devices.

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SmartTUBE 5:

A broad range of digital television services, including Multiscreen and advanced tools for flexible configuring of services and tariffs.

Free trial for up to 10 users for a period of 3 months.

SmartTUBE server installation package is available in a virtual machine OVF format or a distribution for Red Hat 7 / CentOS 7 x86-64.


Service management using a new user-friendly Web interface.


Out-of-the-box pre-configured platform - you will not need to configure the service from scratch to evaluate the basic features of SmartTUBE 5. The platform is pre-configured to offer all the basic services by default. 


No additional payments are needed for the use of third-party software

SmartTUBE 5 includes:

- SmartTUBE Server 5 beta

- SmartTUBE client STB (Lime)

- SmartTUBE client iPad (Lime)

- SmartTUBE client iPhone

- SmartTUBE client Android Beta

- SmartTUBE client Android TV

User license agreement

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Download documentation

SmartTUBE 5. Datasheet

SmartTUBE 5. Server Installation guide

SmartTUBE 5. Administration guide SmartTUBE 5. OSS BSS API

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